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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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civil rights movement activities brought him into members of the communist community and others like angela davis after moving to los angeles to participate in northern california he joined the staff of the west coast that included communists and non-communists he founded the chapter of the boys clubs composed of youth that shared the civil rights leader and later in 62 carl went south to cover the civil rights movement becoming the first they were journalist to report from a south on the full-time basis on the countries movement and carl was the founder and co-chair for
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so moved and a founding moderator and the frequent provider he was bold and sometimes he was understated he scored above other journalists and he worked for the nurses 50u7bd union in their communication distribution and focused on economics and a struggle for equality on youth empowerment especially african-american and latino american and asian youth and on nationalism and world peace globally he worked non-stop at the keyboard in the center for the justice in mexico at home he was an active member of senior
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network a senior organization and taught classes on political activities and mentored a new generations of activists like me he was married to karen warren a political activist that passed away under 1985. long term san francisco and peace labors and community activists one of carl friends called him a reflective comrade with his steadfast vision not based on leaders that come and go but movements and he never gave up on a better people's world >> also before i mention the next gentleman i want to add that i have a sad heart it's not
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just the two of them also others that have passed like ann will you like african-american of carl and mr. heart that was a personal friend what was labor union and to the pga of mary and the pga of jackson mississippi gentleman and detroit's general barker many people have passed and to reflect on that i went to a place in district supervisor farrell strict in the presidio i focused on the old tree in the presidio with one of the tremendous groups and branches and i was thinking will uy and
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the others i've mentioned i thought about the roots that are enter tweend in the roots and rooting the trees in the ground and look at the amazing trunks pointing out upwards it made me happier as he think about folks like carl and others uy was a giant in the asian-american movement and a friend of mine as she moved out west from her harlem residence for over 40 years years in the late 90s i got to know her. she was amazingly strong and himg and clear on what we need to do to make changes.
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uy also inspired many generations from young people today she's been speaking with to the 60s generation as well were yuri passed away at the age of 93 she was a tireless activist and p making change that improve people's lives born and raised in san pedro restraining order but spent two years in a concentration camp we called interim camps but the real term s is concentration camps in world war ii so following the war she moved to new york and married a gentlemen
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my uncle was a member of that asked you she participated in the asian-american and black and third world war movements her first telling them was with a group of rational equality and in 1963 she met malcolm x but their friendship was wide and deep and the friendship and political alliance changed her life and she joined the african-american unit to work for human right and uy was there when he was tragically killed and she cradled his head when
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malcolm x was cradling him while others were heading for cover. her home in harlem people crashed for many generations and found userries and bills nurturing of younger people yuri supported the recreation operation. and her husband bill was very active as well and she supported prisoners from asian-american and progressive whites and others that had been incarcerated and consistent with april prisoners support she move forward to oakland with the support groups and many peace
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and after 9/11 after the asian-american community she was often out with her walker at peace and justice relays and an inspiration she's spoken to many young people around the country and featured in films and books including the passion for justice and my american honk in you like politics. also she's faevend in ucla's published memoirs called passing it on one of any friends barbara documented userries life heartbeat of the struggle it was called. yuri was the mother of 6
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children and has 9 grandchildren and 4 greatest grandchildren her relative is there at the hall of justice so condolences to yuri i want to ask any of my colleagues wish to speak >> thank you supervisor mar for your really lovely dedication to yuri. yuri is someone that is such an important individual particularly in the asian-american community when i got the news on monday it saddened many of us in the community not for the life she lived she was here 93 years an
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an activist and a voice autonomy for the asian-american community but for the struggles. when i have first discovered yuri many asian-american activists longed for their mlk and their malcolm x we had looked her story she became that person for us she is well known with her friendship with malcolm x and holding his head on the day he was assassinated but continuing to mentor young people that wanted to continue on in the work. i wanted to share some of the things but a story i've also enjoyed reading her bio graefr told the as follows: in 2005
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before her biography yuri organized her life around history i think of her as an original person that did exiled things when she met malcolm x she said she didn't agree with everything he wanted to know she said his hash immigration theme. that year she invited him to her apartment to meet some people her fongz wanted to meet him she doubted he would come and malcolm wham came she remembered
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his words he said he stairway saw the harlem scars and the racism and quote i remember he said the struggles of vietnam are the struggles of imperialism she was often asked to speak to elementary school students and she said she often gave a quote and the quote is each generation must out of his relative obscurity discover its mission fulfill it or betray it she thought our mission is to fight against racism and to understand that ethnic groups need their own space but to work together and her mantra she talked about was 33 they fought for us we
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must fight for them. we have been part of the movement her calls for coalition building really resonate she was a leaders in that and our communities can't get anywhere unless we work together so rest in peace yuri the world is better for your leadership and voice while i'm sad you can't be here today, i'm grateful for the decades of work you did >> thank you supervisor kim. >> thank you president chiu, president chiu did you want to make some remarks. >> we have many moirmdz i want to thank supervisor breed for i can't see memoriam she was a godmother of the asian-american movement. i think that all of us who came out of the tradition we owe her
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an incredible gratitude for the work in the bay area and throughout the country i want to end with a quote life is not what you want to make it but everyone who touched your life we're all part of one another and yuri you're part of us >> thank you president chiu. >> i want a short clip we need sfgovtv to this is the asian-american caucus. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ she also had passion for helping people and we had to care about the community she believed that we had to speak up for our rights and we had to have
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solidarity >> when i grew up i want to be just like i. >> asian-americans must be more vocal and visible and take stands on issues and hoping asians will fight with everything we have remembering our own history we asians need to reshape our accommodating and palatable people to more incentive for human rights and dignity. about learning the history and culture and learning will social injustice and she was very much the children she would be able to get their own goals achieved
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>> not blinked to an organization but to an issue where there's an equality for injustice. >> seen the japz lady and that was the thing. >> when you work as one organization or one or more communities you have a stronger voice i'm the daughter you have yuri. >> from the scarlet when i grew up i want to be 92 just like yuri when i grew up i want to be like yuri. >> i wanted to again express condolences to the entire family. like that tree i saw at inspiration point in the presidio yuris intervened roots
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and a trunk and branches reaching up to the sky will live on and jane kim said rest in peace and power. i also have two other items one is i'm proud to introduce a community driven piece of legislation that re-established our energy global warming is a preying issue we must step up across the board we need more renewable energy and more efficient the coordinating goals to resize on the policies and identify revenue streams to fund our additional work. the legislation will not only make san francisco more energy efficient but will promote green
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colored jobs in san francisco especially in protecting community and we've been working with a strong community coalition like leaders from the environment commission and executive director of bright line defense and antonio from our san francisco of the environment and the emerson steering count i committee i want to thank the emerald committee. this is is not a replacement but will help san francisco more sustainable while we can horror more energy efficiency but we can ask the small businesses to reduce the carbon footprint and lastly i'm urging our state
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legislator to support the assembly bill under the leadership a b has created a bipartisanship support for the businesses to carve up commercial properties so no one has a majority ownership this is about reorganizing prop 13 this maneuver currently avoids the triggering of our reassessment of property that increases in value the current tax law has property to be under accessed resulting in inadequate funding of schools and infrastructure project. in san francisco the tax burdens has increased in 56 to 71 percent since the package of
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prop 13 putting a burden open the property owners has decreased it will require the properties to are reaccessed and tacked at their full market if it's sold or transferred over a 3 year period and regardless of how many parties are involved or my one party has 50 percent of ownership it insures that our careers carmen chu are provided for the information and clarifies the changes of ownership when stocks are used and aviators are penalize when failing to comply that has commercial properties to be reaccessed ab strengthens it by closing a loophole had shivs shifts the the property tax
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burdens into folks and assemblyman i thank him for this and the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues today, i'm introducing an imperative resolution to put the board of supervisors on record you're going san francisco mini drivers to end the sickout and go back to work ems mini has been experiencing a sickout 2/3rd's of the vehicle not in service we know there is a labor dispute between transit workers union and maintaining the dispute is working towards the arrest altercation i look forward to that being resolved we know that
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mini drivers have a tough job and a critical part of the mini system when drivers are not coming to work that deit's the system we want our drivers to be compensated with fair wages but they need to drive the buses and make the system work 1928 mini is a crucial part of the community and it's the largest transit transportation system carrying half of the region. for many san franciscans it's they're only way to get around we have many folks protecting and middle-income people that need it, it's a struggle or impossible to get to work to school to the doctors to go
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shopping so mini needs to function. this resolution urges the drivers to go back to work and end they're sick out and participate along with management and the ash tradition process so colleagues, i ask for your support of the resolution on the imperative calendar and it's time incentive obviously given the major challenges that the sickout is causing the rest i'll submit >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. okay. mr. president, >> i have one memoriam of a restaurant gentleman after a long battle with cancer he was an guilt from italy that traveled to san francisco in 1957 fell in love with the city
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began as a busboy to become the owner of one of our cities well known restaurant in north beach he's well known not only to elected officials but everyone in the bay area. i'll miss things about lorenzo's he was more convert than most of us on the board of supervisors he jousted arguing about politics he would dress up in a to go gay in parades and he was truly one of the great recuperate tours he not only owned the restaurant and opened and closed it he will be missed at the his presence of north beach in san francisco it will not be the same rest in peace he's survived by his wife and
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son and daughter and 3 grandchildren. thank you, mr. president. seeing no other names on the roster that concludes that >> madam clerk go to our 3:00 p.m. special order. and items 27 through thirty comprised the public hearing for the people front yard in the public works for the subdivision located on 655 fell street and to approve the public works the personal map and to disapprove the parcel map and item thirty to direct the preparation of understanding >> thank you madam clerk i understand this appeal has been with withdrawn if you know that there are my of the parties to confirm that. >> we have received notice
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that's the case i'll assume that being the case oh, okay. the appellant is here can you please step forward. >> i wanted to confirm isle i've been in discussion with the owner and we've reached a supplement i'd like to withdraw my appeal. >> if you could identify yourself for the record. >> i'm jeremy. >> all right. parental we need to throwing the formality of the hearing to the appellant has spoken are there my members of the public that wish to speak. my comments if the public works my comments from the real party in interest? >> good afternoon. i'm kevin rose on behalf of the party of interest we have no comments.
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>> are there my comments on the on behalf of the parties seeing none, this hearing is filed supervisor breed a motion. >> yes. another motion to approve item 28 and table items 29 and thirty. >> she's made a motion second by supervisor kim colleagues without objection. without objection. the motion is approved. madam clerk move to items 31 my 32. >> pursuant to the resolution depraved may 6, 2014, the board of supervisors will convene a committee as a whole for items 31 public hearing persons interested in the proposed ordinance the subject matter of item 324 clint street and 92 come avenue as part of the railroad crossing improvement project. >> this as an item and
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supervisor cowen's district do you have my opening comments. >> thank you. this is to replace the delipidated one hundred and 7-year-old convincing street bridge in the bay area community. i also am the san francisco representative on the caltrain board we voted to approve about a hundred thousand dollars to make emergency temporary improvements to insure the safety of the caltrain riders. we got director john updyke he's going to give us a brief explanation as to what's before us >> why not move to the presentation mr. updyke. >> thank you president chiu and supervisor cowen good afternoon, supervisors john updyke quickly i'll take you through this. if we could have the overhead.
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this particular item it the vacation of the 3 portions of gwyneth and mckinney and 91 kilogram all south of gerald this map shows the area of the vacation and the bridge which is cycling but shows the future connection for the burn after it's installed from the caltrain crossing and this also shows how this is thoughtfully produced with the up daily stogs station so all those items are moving forward. what's before you today is the
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vacation of these 3 separate areas again colt mick convince and 92 kilogram it will be new construction of the derating session results in a berm and traffic closer this is not only a vacation it's a follow on transfer of real estate interests to the joint powers board that will occur after a few other title matters it taken into consideration of and utility pipe and includes the temporary eardrums to the joint powers board so rail operations can continue of the vacation of the right-of-way and our delivery of the fee title to caltrain that's articulated